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Do your products contain THC?

A handful of the products sold here at Millennial Thing have a very small, trace amounts of THC within their ingredients.This level is far below the legal limit of 0.2. Which means the likelihood of failing any kind of regulatory THC drug test is highly unlikely.

(Although we, of course, can’t rule it out 100% depending on the type of test and the frequency of use). If you’re concerned about THC traces, consider shopping for our “broad-spectrum” items, as these are THC-free. 

 Our “full-spectrum” items have minuscule amounts of THC totalling less than 0.2%. For more information about the levels of THC found in our CBD products, view the lab test results.

What is CBD and CBD Oil? 

The fancy name for CBD oil is cannabidiol. It contains the cannabinoid cannabidiol, which is produced by the hemp and cannabis plant, and known for its health benefits. 

Hemp vs. Marijuana? 

The CBD oil-based products available on this website are derived from hemp, not the psychoactive marijuana strains, which contain extreme amounts of THC. 

Do CBD oil products work? 

The physical, mental and wellbeing impact of CBD oil is subjective. 

Are the products sold by Millennial Thing safe?

Yes. It's a short answer - but the simplest to answer. All the products we sell have been fully tested.

Likewise, there are no documented cases of anyone falling ill or having adverse side effects by consuming products containing the level of CBD or THC available on this website.

Should I consult a Doctor? 

The vast number of our products contain only very low levels of both TCH and CBD,  so should ordinarily post no health concerns. 

However, as with all supplements, before adding CBD oil to your regime, be sure to check with your doctor, especially if you are already undergoing medical treatment.

Is CBD medicine? 

The MHRA do not classify CBD as a medicine, unlicensed CBD is classified and sold legally as a food supplement, vape or cosmetic. 

Is CBD legal in the UK?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in the UK. However, cannabis oil itself is still illegal to possess, buy and sell in the UK